Open information point and guidance centre offering individual consultation.


The Taskforcome One-Stop Shop, located in the Social Impulse Hub, is an open information point and guidance centre in the north of Erfurt offering individual consultation on topics related to starting business. Here, in particular, but not exclusively, people with migration background receive information about founding a company, qualifications, but also about language courses.

Special Features The One-Stop-Shop Offers

Services that we provide extra for you.

Multilingual Consultation

Available in German, English, Spanish, Russian, Latvian and Indonesian

Online Meetings

Have a consultation
without leaving your house.

Extended Network

Besides us, get support from the experts
from ThEx, IQ-Network or IWM GmbH

Find your way to become an entrpernuer

Bilingual Business & Start-up Support
Guidebook for Founders in Erfurt

The guidebook gives an overview of the most important services in the field of start-ups and entrepreneurship, offered in Erfurt. It consists of 4 features.

Support Map

Bird’s-eye overview of Erfurt city with the support services and consultations for founders & start-ups mapped out.

E-Learning Tools

Information on online courses and digital platforms for learning social entrepreneurship and networking opportunities. 

Business 101

A list of service points, centres, government organisation, NGOs etc., offering consultation and education offers on how to start and run a business in Germany, and Thuringia in particular.

Qualification, Language, Integration

Training and qualification courses, info on recognition of educational documents, German language and language for work courses, integration courses etc. 

Recent Activities

What we have organised so far.

One-Stop-Shop Opening

Presented by Ilze Polakova and Martin Arnold-Schaarschmidt

Guest Talk

Frauen für den Nahen Osten e.V., presented by Isabel Rößner

Guest Talk

Spirit of Football e.V.
presented by Sven Soedeberg

Opening Hours

Due to the current COVID-19 restrictions, the consultations within the Open-Stop-Shop is only available online.